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mouse trap car

How i built it?
First i started by finding a body and what i did was find a staple box, and i reinforced it with pegboard and the reason why i used this is because it had a lid on the box so i could adjust the weight just by putting things in and out of the box. next i found some kind of sorce for wheels and what i ended up using is gatorade bottle lids then drilled a whole in the middle for the axels then just took a bunch of hot glue and glued everything together.

what i would do different?

I would put more time into finding a better wheel sorce because what i needed was bigger wheels, then i would put more time into getting all the timing down with the sring and the axels and try to figure everything out before the last day.

How my end result was?

My car ended up not doing very well and it was mainly caused by a lack of planning, the speed ended up not being very good at all and the same thing was said for the distance.


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