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Force- The push or pull.

Different Forces-Gravity, Push/pull,Magnetic

Net Force-Results of sum or differences.

Balanced→Net force is 0

Unbalanced→With some kind of net force in any direction.

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Conservation of Energy: Roller coasters

Built a roller coaster out of paper, and had to figure out how to make the paper strong enough to roll a marble down it and we had to include a three turns and 2 hills and a 1 loop, then we tried to make it so it would loose as little velocity as possible.

We made ours really tall so it would gain as much speed as possible but we didnt make it sturdy enough so it lost a lot of velocity into the roller coaster  because it moved and took out a lot of speed.
The reason we were doing all this is so we could find the kinetic energy with the marble at the end of the coaster, and to do that we started with the potential energy and tried to get the marble to be the same as the potential energy but sense it lost a lot of velocity into the coaster we found that the kinetic energy at the end had lost about 95% of the potential energy to start will.

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