Deformation of the Crust

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The state of balance between the thickness of the crust and the depth at which it rides on the astheonosphere is called: Isostasy

The increasing weight of mountains causes the crust to? Fracture

The force that changes the shape and volume of rocks is? Stress

The type of stress that pulls rocks apart, making them thinner is? Tension

ShearingSqueezes  rock together

Hight pressure and high temperature will cause rocks to? Deform

Upcurved folds in rock are called? Anticlines

Downcurved folds in rock are called? Synclines

Folds in which both limbs remain horizontal are called? Monoclines

When no movement occurs along the sides of a break in a rock structure, the break is called a? Fracture

When a fault is not vertical, the rock above the fault plane makes up the? Hanging Wall

A nearly vertical fault in which the rock on either side of the fault plane moves horizontally is called a? Thrust fault

The largest mountain systems are part of still lager systems called? Belts

Mount St. Helens in Washington State is an example of a? Volcanic Mountain


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